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undefinedMeet Roger S. Braugh, Jr.

Nationally-Recognized Attorney

Before starting his law practice, Mr. Braugh clerked for the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. He then started his career with Fulbright & Jaworksi, LLP in Houston, Texas in 1996. In 1999, Mr. Braugh left Flubright & Jaworski to focus on contingent fee trial work. He is a founding partner of the law firm. Mr. Braugh maintains a national, multi-state practice in a variety of complex commercial, industrial and consumer disputes.

In Rose Munoz v. Ford Motor Co., Mr. Braugh obtained a significant verdict, which was the first jury verdict in the nation involving the notorious combination of Ford Explorers and Firestone ATX and Wilderness AT tires. These products had claimed the lives of over 200 people and injured hundreds more.

Prior to this case, the U.S. automotive and tire industry had denied that aged tires presented any hazard to consumers, but during the course of the Munoz case, Ford Motor Company finally agreed to begin warning consumers about tire aging. Since this verdict, automotive and tire companies have begun providing consumer information on tire age limits.

Mr. Braugh’s many verdicts and settlements include a wide variety of cases, from business partnership disputes, shareholder derivative and oppression cases, commercial disputes involving oilfield operations and business dealings, to injury cases involving oilfield equipment, trucking negligence, premises liability, automotive and tire defects, and defective industrial equipment.

Notable Experience

  • Mr. Braugh obtained a jury verdict in Ibarra v. LG Electronics for a single fatality in a home fire caused by a defective window air conditioning unit. The Ibarra case exposed the hazards of an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) program, which allowed foreign manufacturers, such as Korean conglomerate LG Electronics, to self-certify compliance with UL standards, with little to no oversight.
  • Mr. Braugh successfully represented a partner in an oil and gas service company defrauded out of his fair share of profits from a $16,000,000 sale of partnership assets. The case was resolved via a confidential settlement.
  • Mr. Braugh obtained a jury verdict in Umma Resources, LLC v. Key Energy Services,Inc. The Umma Resources case involved damage to a 16,000 foot deep gas well in south Texas caused by a publicly-traded well service company.
  • Mr. Braugh successfully represented minority shareholders who did not received fair value in a half-billion-dollar cash out merger agreement involving the sale public utility service companies. The case was resolved via a confidential settlement.
  • Mr. Braugh successfully represented a broker of oil and gas leases who did not receive his commission on an international sale of over $1 billion in oil and gas assets. The case was resolved via a confidential settlement.

Former Client Testimonials

  • “I don't know how you do the job you do, but I'm so thankful for people like you.”

    Laura Rund

  • “After my accident, my life was turned upside down. I had to place a tremendous amount of trust in SHHB during a vulnerable time in my life - and I am so glad I did. You delivered justice against great odds. You also brought about much-needed closure for me”

    Rose Munoz

  • “First of all, we don't know how to thank SHHB. You guys did a terrific job for us. Sometimes we think that our boys sent you guys to us for help. We appreciate everything you did for us and you guys will be a part of our lives forever.”

    The Chuyito Family

  • “After a lapse of nearly four years, I discovered that my former business partners had intentionally mislead me and convinced me to sell out of a business for a few hundred thousand dollars, which they sold for over $16 million four months later. After a pr”

    John Jalufka

  • “SIco Hoelscher Harris and Braugh should be commended for recognizing the opportunity for a winning case even though (another attorney) turned it down and you had a short time frame to work within. Furthermore, I appreciated your professional manner and you”

    Wm. E. (Bill) Martin