The Unexpected Dangers of Summertime Driving

The Unexpected Dangers of Summertime Driving

Just about every motorist expects wintertime driving to be fairly dangerous, especially in regions that will see a moderate amount of snowfall. However, most do not know that the summertime can actually be the most dangerous time of the year to drive. According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) data, a majority of fatal car accidents occur within the summer months, with some years seeing more fatal collisions in the summer than any winter month. What is going on in the summer to increase car accidents, since we can safely assume it is not snow on the road?

Here are a few unexpected dangers of summertime driving:

  1. Vacation traffic: No matter how many years go by, summertime in America will be primetime for a road trip with the family. The high number of vacationers driving across the country, or just to the other side of a state, means more traffic and many more chances of getting into a collision with a distracted driver. Tourists unfamiliar with local traffic patterns are also likely to cause a crash.
  2. Teenage drivers: The increased number of drivers on the road for a family vacation is only rivaled by the spike of teenage drivers who cruise around their hometowns in search of entertainment now that school is out of session. Beware when driving around hotspots that might catch a teen’s attention, such as movie theaters and malls.
  3. Partygoers: Summer nights often mean summer parties with alcoholic beverages. In many counties around the country, drunk driving accidents increase noticeably in the summer, especially on weekends.
  4. Popping tires: Hot air expands. This basic chemistry lesson applies to the air in your tires during the summer. When a tire expands too much due to heat, the odds of it bursting increase dramatically. Hitting a bump on a highway might be all it takes to rupture an over-inflated tire.
  5. Dehydration: Becoming dehydrated due to the extra heat of the summer should be a huge concern for all drivers. Dehydration can lag the mind in a way similar to intoxication. Keep plenty of water by your side whenever you go for a drive that will last more than an hour. You may also want to store some water in the trunk of your vehicle.

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