The Elements of a Premises Liability Case

The Elements of a Premises Liability Case

A premises liability case arises when an individual who sustains injuries on another individual’s property due to a dangerous condition on the property files a personal injury lawsuit against the owner or caretaker of the property. Because each property owner or caretaker has the responsibility to ensure that the property is reasonably safe, he or she can be held liable for the damages a guest sustains when visiting.

These types of cases can occur in a variety of places, including construction sites, homes, businesses, backyards, amusement parks, stores, and more. In addition, these types of accidents can lead to significant injuries such as injuries to the head, broken bones, and other severe injuries. For this reason, injured victims should reach out to experienced legal representation right away.

In order for an injured victim to recover compensation, he or she, along with his or her legal counsel, must prove the following elements:

  1. The defendant who the victim is attempting to hold liable for his or her injuries leased, operated, or owned the property where the victim sustained injuries.
  2. The defendant acted negligently with the use of the property. Because property owners are required to ensure their premises are safe, they must warn visitors of potential danger on the property if they know or should know that such conditions could potentially cause injury.
  3. The individual was injured. The person who chooses to file a lawsuit against the owner must have actually sustained injuries in order for a case to be valid. In most cases, this is proven using expert testimony and medical records.
  4. The defendant’s negligent acts are what caused the victim to sustain injuries. A victim and his or her legal counsel must be able to prove that negligence was reasonably foreseeable cause.

Have You Sustained Injuries on Another Person’s Property?

If you have suffered injuries on another person’s property and believe the property owner or caretaker should be held responsible for your damages, get in touch with our Corpus Christi personal injury lawyers at Sico Hoelscher Harris LLP right away. We can take the time to understand your case and determine which strategies can help you recover compensation in as little time as possible.

To speak with a Corpus Christi premises liability attorney, call SicoHoelscher Harris LLP today!


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